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UC Berkeley Finds 10 Buildings At-Risk
By Irena Taylor
Feb 26, 2014 - 4:33:28 PM

The Hotel Angeleno is one of the at-risk buildings during a possible earthquake.
BRENTWOOD—A study released during the latter half of January 2014 revealed that 10 buildings in the Brentwood area are at earthquake risk. The study was conducted by a group of University of California-Berkeley researchers who found 1400 buildings in the Los Angeles area were susceptible to collapsing in the event of an earthquake of high magnitude.


The study titled ”˜NEES Grand Challenge Inventory of Older Concrete Buildings’ states the “case-study [is an] inventory of pre-1976 concrete buildings in the City of Los Angeles is a component of a broader “NEES Grand Challenge” project funded by the United States National Science Foundation (NSF).” The Network for Earthquake Engineering Stimulation (NEES) challenge sought to “develop a case study non-ductile concrete building inventory, to estimate collapse risk using the inventory with existing tools (e.g., HAZUS) and the best available ground motion models, to improve risk assessment tools for non-ductile concrete buildings through targeted testing and numerical simulation work, and to re-assess the collapse risk with the improved tools.”


The 10 at-risk Brentwood building were compiled in a list by Westside Today. Four of the buildings were found on San Vicente Blvd., two being office buildings located at 11980 and 11611 San Vicente, one parking structure located at 11980 San Vicente Blvd. and the other was a  commercial facility located at 12001 San Vicente Blvd.


Another set of four at-risk buildings were located on Wilshire. Two were parking structures located at 11620 and 11728 Wilshire Blvd. and the other two were professional buildings located at 11600 and 11620 Wilshire Blvd.


The final two at-risk buildings in the Brentwood area are Hotel Angeleno located at 170 North Church Lane and Mount Saint Mary’s College Chalon Campus located at 11999 Chalon Road.


According to the University of California, Los Angeles’ Daily Burn, the 75-page study also included 13 buildings that were at risk in the Westwood area that are also at risk in the event of a strong earthquake. The buildings included, but weren’t limited to: a CVS pharmacy, Bank of America, the W Hotel, the Westwood Village Theater, and the Landmark Regent Theatre.

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