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Meet The Laurel Canyon Association
By Joann Deutch
Dec 13, 2012 - 5:12:14 PM

LAUREL CANYON—The Laurel Canyon Association [LCA] is a local residents association covering the 3,000 houses in Laurel Canyon. Inside the boundaries of the larger LCA are several smaller homeowner/residents associations which focus on issues concerning the specific needs of their area.

Genera Meeting Laurel Canyon Association


Most recently the LCA has been involving in several multi year pitched battles with outside developers. One sought to interrupt the local Wildlife Corridor which is a sacred cow. Other challengers sought to load the hillside with new and remodeled homes which overpower the substandard street they are located on, and/or dwarf the neighborhood. The LCA have been very successful in fighting City Hall. They raise money, hire attorneys and keep an eagle eye on developers. They are tenacious.


The LCA maintains a vibrant website: with great pictures, history and information about the community. Richard Seireeni, the amazing town crier via email, is associated with the LCA.


On November 15, 2012 the LCA held its General Meeting at the Mulholland Tennis Club. With about 100 people in attendance Cassandra Barres, the President marched the group though informative presentations. Councilman LaBonge, whose boundaries just recently were revised to include the hillside, had several staff members on hand to field questions. The LAFD is always present at these events. They recognize how important it is to them to have willing eyes and ears in the community which help them respond to emergencies.


Every time we hear the Chiefs and Inspectors talk we learn something new which will help us stay safe. This time they explained that as soon as a serious fire breaks out the LAFD and LAPD will create traffic “”choke points” for example at Laurel Canyon and Mulholland. They will not let even residents past these points. They will not endanger a fire fighter to save your cat and dog, but people with their cats and dogs will be recued. So make plans with your neighbors. LAFD will ask you to “shelter in place” if you are within 60 minutes of the fire line. Do you know how to “shelter in place?” Beyond that you will instructed to evacuate.


The proliferation of commercialization is the most recent concern for the community. The hillsides have been obsessed with keeping commercial activities out. Try to find a 7/11 or a Christmas tree lot. Not happening. The LCA has started to focus its resources to understand the law and to develop a viable challenge to this commercialization. Except that these interlopers are addicted to alcohol or drugs, or rehabbing, the living/work arrangements would be forbidden.


The areas of concern are regulations which permit:


Licensed Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment facilities for people living together in a group home with some supervision and treatment: Permitted staffing may be 24 hours/day.


Licensed Mentally Ill and Disabled Residential facilities which includes folks with Alzheimer's, or physically handicapped, again with extensive supervisory staffing.


Unlicensed Sober Living Group Homes/Boarding Houses have residents living in a single family house, sharing facilities and functioning as a "family" of unrelated adults in a single family dwelling unit. Treatment or supervision is optional.


Having waged battle for years to keep the hillside true to its R-1 zoning, these new regulations emanating from Sacramento will create more challenges for the LCA and its mission to preserve the quality of life in the hillsides.  The Power of One is the engine that makes the LCA go. 


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