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Waxman Wins Expensive Congressional Race
By Michael Lambrose
Nov 8, 2012 - 11:00:09 AM

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA—Republican Henry Waxman narrowly defeated Bill Bloomfield in the nation’s seventh most expensive House of Representatives race. The two men were running to represent the newly drawn California District 33, which now stretches the coast from Malibu to Rancho Palos Verdes. 

The new District 33
Waxman, who announced his victory on Wednesday, has been in the House of Representatives since 1975. Waxman, a Democrat, is most recently known for his investigation into wasteful spending in Iraq and as a chief sponsor of the Affordable Care Act.

The Manhattan Beach businessman Bill Bloomfield, who ran as an Independent, was the president of his family’s commercial laundry equipment company. Bloomfield stressed his position as an Independent, stating electing him would alleviate partisan gridlock. 

The two men combined raised nearly $8.5 million; however, Bloomfield over three times the money that Waxman did. Of Bloomfield’s nearly $6.5 million war chest, just over $6 million came from his personal wealth. The majority of Waxman’s money, on the other hand, came from PAC donations, which Bloomfield refused to accept. This became one of Bloomfield’s talking points, suggesting that Waxman was a surrogate of whoever supplied the PAC money. 

Despite the fact that Bloomfield also out spent Waxman by about three to one, Waxman was able to narrowly win the election by about 6 points.

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