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Sage Stallone Died Of Heart Disease
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Aug 30, 2012 - 7:16:48 PM

STUDIO CITY—It was announced on Thursday, August 30, by the Los Angeles County Coroner that son of actor Sylvester Stallone, Sage Stallone, died of natural causes. It was determined that the 36-year-old suffered from coronary artery disease and his smoking may have caused it.

Stallone had a history of being a heavy smoker but recently reduced the amount by smoking an electric cigarette. One of the main causes of coronary artery disease is smoking, as it can elevate the blood pressure which raises the risk of clots. The toxicology test reported negative except for a sub-therapeutic level of hydrocodone which took no part in Stallone's death.

Stallone was found dead in his Studio City apartment on July 13 by a housekeeper. It was reported that pills were found at the residence and investigators were trying to determine if they were the cause of his death.

Sage Moonblood Stallone was the first son of actress Sasha Czack and Stallone. He began his acting career in his father's movie "Rock V" in 1990 when he was 14. He appeared in another one of his father's movie in 1996 for the movie "Daylight. The young Stallone had roles in nine other movies and short films.

Stallone was also the co-founder of the Grindhouse Releasing with film editor Bob Murawski. The company specialized in theatrical and video released of restored B movies from the 1970s and 1980s.

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