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Ving Rhames's Dogs Cleared for the Death of Jacob Adams
By Laura Wheeler
Jan 27, 2008 - 10:38:24 PM

BRENTWOOD—The Los Angeles County Coroner has completed a five month investigation on the death of Ving Rhames’s caretaker, Jacob Adams.  Initial reports blamed Rhames’s dogs for the death.  Coroner Spokesman Ed Winter stated Mr. Adam’s cause of death was due to a pre-existing condition called intravascular sickling.  Ed Winter could not comment if the dog bites found on Adam’s body could have exacerbated his condition.

On August 3, 2007 Jacob Adams (40) was found dead on the front lawn of actor Ving Rhames’s (47) Brentwood home.   Adams had been hired to care for Rhames’s property and dogs while he was working on a film in Bulgaria.  When police arrived at the scene they found four dogs running loose on the property and Adams lying prone with numerous dog bites on his arms and legs.  Police suspected Rhames’s dogs of having mauled his caretaker and quarantined three bull mastiffs and one English bulldog.  However, an August 7 autopsy report found that the dog bites were most likely nonfatal and the dogs were returned to the actor.  There have been reports that Rhames will relocate the dogs to an estate in Texas.

Adams had lived at Rhames’s Brentwood home for the past two years as a caretaker.  They met seven years ago on the set of The Sins of the Father.   Adams had worked as a stand in for Rhames on several films.  In a press release Rhames offered his condolences to the family and said “Jacob Adams was not just a devoted employee — he was also a dear friend.” 

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