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Yank Barry Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
By Sami Mello
Mar 28, 2013 - 10:43:52 AM

HOLLYWOODAfter 30 years in the entertainment industry, Yank Barry went from belting out “Louie Louie” to saving lives and this year marks Barry’s third nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Today, Barry is doing much more than singing rock songs, he is actively trying to make life better for people around the world.

He recently returned from the Philippines where he was working to help local victims of a devastating typhoon that hit in 2012. Barry had the honor of being nominated, this year, by boxer and Filipino politician, Manny Pacquiáo.

Yank Barry and Manny Pacquiáo. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Even though he was a success in the music industry-he worked with numerous artists from Jimi Hendrix to Englebert Humperdinck-Barry said he saw himself losing passion as a musician and wanted to move on to something else.

In 1989, he started the company VitaPro with the idea of introducing soy, as a healthy alternative, to people around the world. While advocating the health benefits of soy in different countries, Barry interacted with many cultures that he noticed were living in less-than-moderate conditions. So, in 1995, he decided to start the Global Village Champions Foundation, a nonprofit grouped aimed at feeding hungry people in need of food.

With the help of founders
Muhammad Ali and Gary U.S. Bonds, Barry’s Champions Foundation has helped provide over 900 million free meals plus medical supplies to areas where resources were depleted due to disasters.

In 2006, he went to Libya to meet with President Mummar Gaddafi to negotiate the release of the “Benghazi Six,” captives who were being held on conspiracy charges and were sentenced to death for being accused of creating an HIV outbreak at a local hospital.

Barry performing in the Philippines. Photo courtesy of Facebook.
After returning to the country several times on his own finances, Barry was able to sway Gaddafi to release the prisoners. He also donated $60,000 to create a safe haven where children with AIDS could be treated.

At 65-years-old, Barry’s philanthropy is apparent in his immaculate award collection. He has earned over 20 international humanitarian and peace awards for his life-saving efforts, including the American Diabetes Association Leadership Award in 2002 and the Red Cross Humanitarian Award in 2005. Also among his notable honors are The 2010 Gusi Peace Prize and his 2011 Global Leadership Award.

Barry continues to sing “Louie Louie” at various fundraising events around the world and has managed to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable causes.

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