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Transit Bus Collision On Hollywood Boulevard
By Jessica Claflin
Oct 25, 2012 - 10:15:28 AM

HOLLYWOOD—On Tuesday, October 23, a transit bus collided with a BMW after it sideswiped a dump truck on Hollywood Boulevard.
Photo courtesy of Memphis Garrett

The Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey stated that the collision occurred at 7:57 a.m. on October 23 at 7673 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood. The firefighters arrived at the scene and discovered three vehicles involved in the collision.

According to the Metro blog, the Metro Line 780 was traveling westbound on Hollywood Boulevard at Courtney Avenue when it was involved in a collision with a dump truck. Then, the bus collided with a BMW. The BMW was carrying a female driver and a pre-teen daughter. It trapped the driver of the vehicle beneath the front of the bus.

Memphis Garrett, Los Angeles Nightlife Professional and reality TV personality, tweeted about the incident. He said, “I hope they can get this lady out. Dump truck hits bus, bus hits car lady stuck inside Hollywood.”

Teams of LAFD disentangled the trapped driver from her auto and then worked to perform a systematic triage of the 37 persons involved in the collision. The pre-teen daughter was in fair condition when an LAFD ambulance took her to a nearby pediatric hospital. The bus driver had minimal injury. LAFD ambulance took a total of 35 people to eight regional hospitals for further care. Three bus passengers declined treatment or transportation.

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