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Community "Stakeholder" Gets New Definition
By Alex Nochez
Jan 2, 2014 - 6:11:46 AM

HOLLYWOOD HILLS — An ordinance was passed on December 18 that narrows the definition of a stakeholder in Neighborhood Council elections.

"Stakeholder" now has a new definition.


Motion 12-1682 was introduced by Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar after the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council conducted its elections in October 2012. In that election, 313 of 792 votes were from “factual basis stakeholders,” defined by the L.A. Administrative Code as someone who “lives, works, owns property in the neighborhood and also...those who declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm the factual basis for it.” These “stakeholders” were reportedly individuals who had very little ties with the Eagle Rock community.


The motion seeks to amend sections 22.810.1(b)(2)(C)(iii)(1) and 22.811(a)(2) of the Administrative Code to more narrowly define what being a stakeholder means. Specifically, it changes the term “Factual Basis Stakeholder” to “Community Interest Stakeholder,” according to a report by the Los Angeles City Attorney. In addition, the Community Interest Stakeholder is now defined as someone who “lives, works or owns real property in the neighborhood” who is able to, upon request, be able to show proof of their continued participation in the community, as well as proof of living, working or owning real property in that community.


According to EmpowerLA, the City Clerk and Independent Election Administrators will advise that anyone seeking a position on a neighborhood council as a Factual Basis Stakeholder must be aware that the qualifications of that seat may change once the ordinance goes into effect, at which point they will have three business days to “offer additional documentation, if necessary, in order to qualify for the newly defined seat.” The City Clerk will supply two different certificates to candidates for those who are “certified” and those who are “certified pending anticipated Ordinance which may require additional documentation.”


The ordinance now sits before Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has until the end of January to sign it into effect. For more information on these changes as well as any upcoming Neighborhood Council elections, visit EmpowerLA.org or call 818-293-8683.

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