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Councilman Proposes Parking District
By Melissa Simon
Aug 27, 2013 - 12:48:30 PM

HOLLYWOOD HILLS/LOS FELIZ—Councilman Tom LaBonge has proposed two motions to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) that will be discussed at the Transportation Committee meeting on Wednesday, August 28. During the meeting at 2 p.m. in City Hall Room 1010, there will be time for public comment.

The first motion is for LADOT to study the current traffic situation on Beachwood Drive and surrounding streets and report back to the Transportation Committee in order to consider creating “an emergency Temporary Preferential Parking District in the appropriate residential areas,” according to the key issues and minutes on the meeting’s agenda.

Councilman Tom LaBonge
“Due to its ever-growing popularity because of its close proximity to Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign, Beachwood Drive is frequently congested, particularly on weekends, which causes an obstruction to local residents and tourists alike,” LaBonge said. “Traffic congestion and improper parking creates a dangerous situation in which an emergency vehicle would have a delayed response time, inevitably compromising safety to all.”

The second motion, which is connected to the first, is for LADOT to explore and implement “a transportation pilot program that ferries tourists and hikers in a vehicle (no larger than a 10 passenger van) to the Hollywood trailhead at the end of Beachwood Drive or the Hollywood Sign in a safe organized manner.”

“With advancements in technology, GPS and other websites have made side streets leading up to the sign very well known to the public,” LaBonge said. “Thus, the amount of visitors is overwhelming neighborhoods in terms of traffic, parking, and public safety as tourists and the public cannot be restricted on these public roads.”

The last motion, which was a special motion that has been confirmed, is for LADOT to “continue appropriately to provide the necessary traffic control services in the Hollywood Hills, specifically on upper Beachwood Drive, (which) will maintain and help alleviate the serious traffic situation in these residential areas.”

“This effort is of an immense benefit for the residents of the City and Council District 4 and deserves financial assistance from the City,” LaBonge said. “Sufficient funds that are available in the Council District 4 portion of the Street Furniture Revenue Fund have been continuously transferred to the Department of Transportation for this purpose.” 

In an email sent to his district’s residents, LaBonge said that the special motion was passed to confirm Council District 4’s commitment to providing necessary traffic control.

“In response to community feedback, LADOT officers will be reinstated by the Griffith Park entrance at Sunset Ranch effective this weekend,” he said.

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