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Deadly Car Crash
By Cassie Day
Aug 30, 2012 - 8:17:59 AM

HOLLYWOOD—On Wednesday, August 29 around 7:30 a.m., a mother and her two daughters were killed when their car collided with another. The victims were 27-year-old Saida Juana Mendez-Bernardino, Stephanie Cruz, 4, and Hilda Cruz, 6. 

Mendez died at the scene
. Her the two children were taken to a local hospital, where they both died. 

A 40 year-old-man driving a grey Infinity drove onto the wrong side of the road. This caused him to collide head-on with the mother's blue Dodge Caravan, pushing her vehicle into a light post. The accident occurred on the 800 block of Highland Ave at Willoughby

The street corner was blocked for eight hours while police investigated the scene. It is still not known what caused the driver to swerve. It is not confirmed if he was under the influence of alcohol or speeding. 

The driver was also taken to the nearby hospital where he was initially in critical condition. However, he is now reported to be in stable condition.

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