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Ellen DeGeneres Awarded Walk Of Fame Star
By Ryan J. Beard
Sep 5, 2012 - 2:09:20 PM

HOLLYWOOD—On Wednesday, September 5, talk show host and celebrity Ellen DeGeneres was given a star on the Walk of Fame. “I'm getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today at 11am,” she tweeted.


The renowned comedian joked in her speech saying, “It is amazing. I spent my entire career trying to conduct myself in a certain way making sure no one walks all over me only to get to a point where people are going to walk all over me. It means so much to me that everyone showed up."


"The Ellen DeGeneres Show," has kept viewers interested, happy, and laughing for ten years. "I mean, there's a masseuse I know who does this really amazing thing with his thumbs, and that feels pretty good. But making people happy feels better," said DeGeneres. The show remains unique, led by DeGeneres’ quirky, witty humor, and knowledge of the world around her. However, when revealing what makes her show fresh, Ellen DeGeneres joked, “Febreze.”


The Walk of Fame Star adds to Ellen DeGeneres’ already impressive resume, including 13 Emmys and numerous other awards for her work and charitable efforts. "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" will start its tenth season on Monday, September 10.

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