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Films In Hollywood Forever Cemetery
By Ryan J. Beard
Aug 3, 2012 - 9:57:01 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Dusk begins to fall as my friends and I follow the cavalcade of people through the gates and into the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  Palm trees tower above hedge stones dating back to the early 1900’s and sway in the gentle evening breeze. 

We follow the procession to an open field covered by hundreds of people sipping wine and beer, buzzing with anticipation, and scope out an open space where we can all sit.  We then carefully tiptoe over bottles, blankets, feet and legs until we reach a spot of open grass where we lay out the blankets, uncork the wine and relax. 

Dusk falls, a man steps out in front of the hundreds, welcomes us all, and then proceeds to introduce the classic movie Jurassic Park as the crowd cheers.  The large white building behind the man suddenly transforms into a movie screen as the palm trees mark the aisles.  A hush falls over the crowd and the opening scene of Jurassic Park rolls.


The filmed rolled on as we all engaged our imaginations and relived the days of our childhood fascination with dinosaurs.  We enjoyed the movie in a classic and unique way we never thought possible.  Cinespia is romantic and timeless.  It is one of the greatest events to attend in LA.  It is a refreshing and distinctive way to spend a night with old friends, or a thoughtful and adoring date for you and your loved one.

Cinespia occurs in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery every weekend.  Tickets range from $8 to $10.  Make sure to bring blankets, drinks and snacks for a viewing under the stars.  Alcohol is allowed.  No tall chairs are allowed as a courtesy to other moviegoers.  Visit cinespia.org/calendar to view upcoming movies, purchase tickets, and plan your night to see a classic flick in the Cemetery. 

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