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Ford Amphitheatre To Undergo Construction
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Jul 5, 2012 - 4:11:42 PM

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Officials announced on Thursday, July 5, that the outdoor Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood Hills will be under construction beginning in October to enhance the stage and floor.

The renovations will include improving the green room, dressing rooms, seats, creating an even surface to reduce the angle of the stage's rake, and an upgrade to the theater's lighting and sounding system. It has also been planned for the theater to resurface and seal the floor in order to avoid water leaking to areas beneath the theater, such as the 87-seat indoor Ford theater, which has been a recurring problem over the past few years.
Photo courtesy of Ford Amphitheatre's website

The cost of the construction will be an estimated $7.5 million and is scheduled to be completed by May 2013. Funding for the project has been made possible by Board of Supervisors Chairman and Third District Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky. A detailed master plan of the theater's future development will be presented to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors in the fall.

Due to the construction, the indoor live theater series will be cancelled for its 2012-13 season and may be cancelled for the season after as well. The series presented new plays and works by well-known writers in the smaller indoor theater.

“The construction will make it impossible to produce in the indoor theater this coming season,” said Laura Zucker, Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, “but the Arts Commission will continue to support theater companies in the region through our myriad other programs, including grants and technical assistance.”

The Ford Theatre began developing plans to renovate in 2010 with Levin & Associates Architect. The new additions are reported to include a new parking structure, a 299-seat theater to replace the 87-seat space and a restaurant.

“We have wanted to make these improvements for some time,” said Adam Davis, Managing Director of the Ford Theatre, in the official press release. “We are currently going through a planning process that’s enabled us to prioritize needs and these were at the top of the list. These improvements will make producing at the Ford better and maintaining the facility easier while retaining the Amphitheatre’s historic character.”

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