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Hollywood Sign's Makeover Revealed
By Katherine Noland
Dec 4, 2012 - 1:41:08 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Results of the beloved “ Hollywood” sign’s facelift will be revealed Tuesday, December 4, after it’s most thorough makeover in 35 years.


The sign built in 1923 to promote costly real estate has received a number of adjustments over the years that usually call for a celebration after retouches have been made. The sign’s first makeover in 1949, fronted by the non-profit Hollywood Sign Trust, was in response to the “O” that wheeled away and the “L” being set on fire. In 1978, several stars including Hugh Hefner, Alice Cooper, and Gene Autry showed their support by donating to rebuild it. The last retouch that took place was in 2005.

The famous "Hollywood" sign.


This year, the letters’ paint have been completely stripped, primed, and repainted on behalf of Sherman-Williams and the Sol© 3 non-profit Hollywood Sign Trust. The trust is a board of nine members who are responsible for repairing, maintaining, refurbishing, and providing improvement for the sign’s appearance for the better of the public.


At 45 feet, the world recognized letters will celebrate its 90th birthday in 2013; 275 gallons of Sherman-Williams acrylic latex paint will be used for the remodeling, along with 110 gallons of primer. The Hollywood Sign Trust’s Facebook page recently posted a video to show off the sign’s new look, showing painters removing graffiti from the 1980s.


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