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2009 Ford Flex: The Best Of Both Worlds
By Kyle Quesnoy
Aug 3, 2008 - 1:27:46 AM

Courtesy of Ford.


            The mad scientists over at the Ford laboratory have created a monster. Much like Frankenstein’s monster was a mixture of parts from different corpses, the 2009 Ford Flex is a full size crossover SUV that seems to be an amalgamation of the positive attributes of both full size SUVs and trendy compact cars.

            While most manufacturers are busy trying to figure out how to make their vehicles softer and round, Ford went in a much more bold and boxy direction with the Flex. From a design standpoint, the Flex could be mistaken for a seven-fifths-scale Scion XB. Everything from its upright greenhouse to its ground-hugging stance is reminiscent of Scion’s popular econobox. Another vehicle that comes to mind when taking in the Flex’s polarizing portrait is the Mini Cooper. Before the Flex, the tiny Cooper was the only vehicle to incorporate all-black pillars with a distinct roof. By borrowing design cues from two vehicles very popular to young drivers, Ford has ensured that the Flex will be decidedly more hip than competitors like the Dodge Journey.

            Surprisingly, the Flex’s blunt fascia does not hinder fuel economy as one might expect. In fact, with the help of its low-to-the-ground stance, the Flex’s square proportions enable the large crossover to achieve a better drag coefficient than all of its Asian competitors. According to Ford CUV and SUV Communications Manager, Jay Ward, “Flex tests at 0.355 coefficient of drag while the competitors are at 0.375.” As a result of its proficient aerodynamics, the Flex is able to match the estimated fuel economy of the Toyota Highlander at 24 mpg on the highway. Furthermore, Ford’s new EasyFuelâ„¢ capless fuel filler saves time at the pump by replacing a fuel-filler cap and provides a better seal, reducing the release of smog-forming vapors. The icing on the cake comes in the form of the available Sirius Travel link system. Not only does it help with traffic updates, but the intricate system will also find you the least expensive gas stations in the area you happen to be exploring.

            The Flex will also cater to those in search of a vehicle with the passenger-hauling capabilities of an SUV or van. Actually, the Flex’s interior floor plan can be ordered with a bench style second row seat or with second row captain’s chairs for those who prefer the more open van-style layout. When equipped with the captain’s chairs, a Flex SEL or Limited can be further equipped with a second row console refrigerator. Unlike systems that just keep beverages cool, the compressor-driven rear console refrigerator in the Flex can chill seven 12-oz. cans, four half-liter bottles, or two 20-oz. bottles down to 41oF. There’s also a freeze mode that’ll go down to 23oF.

Courtesy of Ford.

            The available options list is quite extensive. Notable features include a Vista Roof, seven-hue ambient cabin lighting, a 10 Gig music/photo server, Microsoft’s Sync system for Bluetooth cell phones and select MP3 players/USB flash drives, and much more.

            Unlike Frankenstein’s monster, the 2009 Ford Flex should have no trouble finding its way into consumers' hearts. Its chic looks will act as a guiding light for the young and the restless, while its useful interior will satisfy the passions of all your children as well. Visit for vehicle specs and photos.


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