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Alternative Gallery Opens In Laurel Canyon
By Amy Oppenheim
Mar 29, 2011 - 10:47:48 AM

LAUREL CANYON—The Rico Adair Boutique and Subculture Center, featuring art and clothing from local artists, opened in Laurel Canyon this March.

Featured art, courtesy of

This multi-media gallery and retail store, which celebrated its grand opening earlier this month on March 5, is located at 5310 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood, and features a wide variety of products such as greeting cards, paintings, sculptures and clothing as sale items.


Owner Rico Adair is one of the featured artists, and he designs innovative clothing, such as creating women’s dresses through reconstructing men’s long johns. Additionally his wife, Takara Adair, contributes to the store with various art pieces she has designed. The rest of the merchandise is provided by local friends of the owners within the community.


In the back area of the store, Adair has set up a workshop where classes such as “DIY Punk Crafts,” “T-Shirt Reconstruction,” “Fairy Tales and Flying Machines” and “Drum Work Shops” are held.

Inside the gallery, courtesy of the Rico Adair Gallery Facebook

The Rico Adair Gallery Boutique, also known as the Anytown Community Arts Center, “began as an experiment by local artists Jake Jones and Amanda Smith. The two artists noticed that there was a thriving underground art scene in Anytown, yet the community-at-large, including budding artists and children, were not aware of exhibits, performances, and educational opportunities,” according to the company’ website.


Desiring to bring the underground art scene to the mainstream public, the artists created the Anytown Community Arts Center, which would “provide a communal presence to help local artists thrive, and unlock the artistic potential of every Anytown resident.”

Outside Rico Adair Gallery Boutique. Photo by Kibiwot Limo


The boutique welcomes all locals to stop by and view the gallery, and is always looking for volunteers. For more information about the store, visit  

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