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Dog Limit In Dog Parks
By Nita Gandhi
Jun 11, 2009 - 2:48:03 PM

LAUREL CANYON—There is a new ordinance for dog parks that limits the number of unleashed dogs per person to three. 

The new ordinance took effect six months ago, and expects that off-leash parks have their own set of rules.  This of course is a problem for dog walkers who bring multiple dogs into the park, but the dog walkers can also apply for a permit to bring more than three dogs.   

Laurel Canyon Park with dogs.

Apparently in Laurel Canyon Park, which is an off-leash dog park, there is a new law in effect that says only three dogs per person are allowed to be "off-leash." Signs have been posted, but not with the ordinance code, which means that it cannot be enforced by law because of the absence of the code.

Ross Levy, a dog walker who runs Kelly's Pet Care with his wife Kelly, stated to Canyon News, "The city ordinance was specifically created to take care of unlicensed dogs in the city of Los Angeles”¦There is nothing written anywhere that specifically talks about the three dog law. The problem was that the city of Los Angeles did not give the public enough notice that this was being voted on, which as far as I know is illegal." 

Critics say dog walkers are running the entire park, letting the dogs do whatever they want, while they run their business in a public park for free.  

Lisa Thompson, who is the proud owner of an Alaskan Malamute, employs Ross and Kelly to take care of her dog when she is away. "Ross and Kelly are an exception... they can have this many dogs and keep them under control," she said.   

Mike Germano, who frequents the Laurel Canyon Park with his two dogs, told Canyon News, "They [dog walkers] have a sense of entitlement to the space.  But I think at the end of the day they are just trying to run their business, and do their thing."  

Nathan Milisajevich, a dog owner, told Canyon News, "I think the city should have a business permit for them so they can come up here with multiple dogs."  

Judy Rudin, who owns Super Shmuttle and has been a dog walker for 20 years said, "We are business people.  This law that came about six months ago sort of happened under the table; we did not know about it. What are these dogs going to do?  Their owners work 12 sometimes 16 hours a day; if anyone who has a dog knows you cannot leave a dog home alone.”

Rudin further states that dog walkers have been trying to compromise with the city.

“How about permits? How about us paying into the city? How about limiting our hours?  We are willing to take the expense of cleaning up the park, buying the scoopers.  How about even fencing off an area if the limited hours don't work?  No one will listen to our ideas of compromise," she added.  

Chief Gary Newton, Department of Public Safety did not return any comment to Canyon News as of press time. 

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