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Parents Unite For Better Schools
By Ben Jury
Nov 16, 2011 - 9:43:00 PM

LAUREL CANYON—Parents from Wonderland Elementary School have joined together with 100 other parents from around Los Angeles for Camp Educate, a leadership event held last weekend. This event was part of the Educate Our State movement, a parent-run project started in 2009 to combat education cuts in San Francisco. The group, aimed at demanding better education for children throughout California, is lead by a team of seven mothers who have children enrolled in public schools.

Educate Our State now boasts about 40,000 members. They teamed up with actress Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green to produce "Hot For Teachers," a satirical video about the education cuts. In the video, Green, whose son attends Wonderland Elementary, reminds fellow Californians, “It is the only way to protect our kids and their futures.” With over 1.2 million views and 21,000 likes, the video reveals the problems educators have to deal with as well as overcrowding and understaffing in schools.

Teri Levy, a member of the leadership team who sends her child to Wonderland Elementary School, hopes to have an initiative available on the California ballot next year. The petition, for which they hope to acquire one million signatures, would amend the state constitution, allowing for a lower requirement on the number of votes needed to raise money through taxes for local school programs.

(Photo courtesy of the Educate Our State website.)

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