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Two Women Die Assisting Victims
By Eva Keqi
Aug 23, 2012 - 8:52:26 AM

VALLEY VILLAGE/SHERMAN OAKS— Last night, two women trying to help the victims of an auto accident in Valley Village were electrocuted after a vehicle struck a fire hydrant and a light standard.

Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m., a man driving a white SUV in the 1200 block of Magnolia Boulevard near Laurel Canyon Blvd. lost control of his car and hit a fire hydrant and a light standard on the street.

The Los Angeles Fire Department reported that when their firefighters arrived, they found the SUV stopped on the lawn of a residence. There was a fire hydrant 10 feet away shooting water into the sky. As the water fell onto the ground, it created a pool. Underneath the vehicle was an old concrete light standard with electrical wires standing out of the ground. As a result, the water underneath and around the vehicle got energized.
Photo Courtesy of Los Angeles Fire Department.

Neighbors in the vicinity that heard the car crash came out to help the man that was driving the SUV. Other people passing by stopped to help the man. Unfortunately, two of them stepped unintentionally into the energized water and were killed. Six others were injured.

The Los Angeles Fire Department firefighters arrived immediately. They helped the victims on the ground and stopped other people from stepping into the water. About 55 firefighters arrived and secured the area by shutting down the water flow. The Department of Water and Power came to resolve the electrical and water problems.

In this tragic accident, eight people with the good intention of helping a man became victims.  Two women died and six others suffered minor injuries.

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