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Laurel Canyon Sees A String of Burglaries
By Rachel Greene
Jun 1, 2003 - 11:19:00 PM

As a service to our readers, Canyon News will report on crimes in the area each month. We appreciate any tips you can provide and we will do our best to follow up on them. Please call us at 323-463-3850, fax at 323-463-3853 or email at Thank you.





LAUREL CANYONOn Thursday, May 22nd, we received an email from a Laurel Canyon resident stating that, according to a neighbor, there had been several burglaries in her neighborhood on Gould Street. That day her house had been broken into in broad daylight. Apparently the burglar(s) had pried open a window and pushed in the screen. The only items taken were some stereo wires, but drawers and closets had been rummaged through. Her husband had the impression that the burglar was not there for long. The incident has been reported to the police.

Earlier that Sunday, a man in baggy jeans and a backwards baseball cap had approached the woman's neighbor to ask if they'd had maintenance work done on the house. The neighbor had been suspicious due to the recent break-ins. There is no known connection between this man and the incidents. If you have any information on these burglaries, please call the Police Department at 323-485-4302.

Other locations of burglaries during the month of May were as follows: 8400 Block of Wilshire, 200 block of S. Carson, 9600 block of Sunset, 300 block of S. Beverly, 300 Block of Spalding, 400 block of N. Rodeo, 300 block of N. Canon, 200 block of Tower,100 block of N. Almont, 400 block of S. Roxbury, 200 block of S. Robertson, 8000 block of Charleville, 300 block of N. Crescent, 400 block of N. Bedford, 9000 block of S. Santa Monica, 400 block of S. Oakhurst, 400 Block of Martin, 200 block of N. La Cienega.

Editor's Note: A big thank you to Matt Caliri for getting the background on the Gould burglaries as well as the list of other areas "hit".

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