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12-Year-Old Charged For Swatting Pranks
By Katherine Noland
Feb 12, 2013 - 10:13:29 PM

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Policed charged a 12-year-old boy on Thursday, February 7 for the swatting incidents that sent the LAPD to actor Ashton Kutcher’s home and a Wells Fargo bank on Wilshire last October.


The juvenile, who remains unidentified due to his age, is scheduled to appear at the East Lake Juvenile Court this Friday, February 15, for arraignment, according to Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Fairtlough who is in charge of the branch.

Ashton Kutcher


The alleged swatting culprit was arrested in December for making a call that sent over a dozen LAPD officers to the home of “Two and a Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher in Hollywood Hills on October 3, 2012. It was falsely claimed that there were armed men and explosives in the home. Shortly thereafter, the same juvenile allegedly made a bomb threat that sent officers to a Wells Fargo.


Swatting is the term known as making hoax emergency calls to police, sending them to various locations often resulting in the need for swat teams, hence the name “swatting.” The swatting of celebrity homes has been a growing trend over the past couple months, as police have visited Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, Chris Brown, Mily Cyrus, Simon Cowell and others under false pretenses.


Police believe there is a good chance it may have just been a series of copy cats, and whether or not this particular juvenile is responsible for the others is currently unknown.


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