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Big Blue Bus Service Improves Connectivity
By Claire Pelonis
Sep 2, 2012 - 7:43:22 PM

LOS ANGELESOn Monday, August 27, the Big Blue Bus service launched a series of changes to several of its schedules and routes. The intention is to improve the regional connection with the Culver City Expo Light Rail Line and to ease the trip for commuters riding to work and school.

The changes also include the introduction of a new Rapid 20 service. Instead of being limited to Big Blue Bus’s Route 5, passengers will be able to connect directly between downtown
Santa Monica and the Expo Culver City station. The fare for these trips will remain at the local rate of $1 for all passengers and a discounted $0.50 for senior citizens and disabled passengers.

In an effort to ease connectivity for passengers, the Big Blue Bus’s Super 12 service will now be a Rapid 12 service. To speed up the ride, the stops with the lowest usage will be cut from the route. However, they will continue to be included in the Local 12. The bus schedule is now aligned with the light rail trips and the final stop is now at northbound Robertson. This means that the route between the Westwood-UCLA and Culver City stations will be much more direct.

The Big Blue Bus service made these changes using only the resources it already had. There is no additional cost to passengers for any of the new routes, only the ease and speed they offer. For more information about these changes, go to www.bigbluebus.com.

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