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City Attorney To Appeal Special Order 7
By Alex Nochez
Oct 3, 2013 - 11:57:43 PM

LOS ANGELES — The city attorney of Los Angeles announced his intentions in a press statement on Monday, September 30 to file an appeal to a judge's ruling over Special Order 7.


City Attorney Mike Feuer intends on filing the appeal which aims to overturn a ruling that struck down the controversial Special Order 7, which encouraged more leniency towards unlicensed drivers.


Special Order 7, which was put into effect in April 2012, implored LAPD officers to use more discretion when it came to impounding the vehicles of unlicensed drivers. It stated that if the unlicensed driver met certain criteria, such as having valid proof of identification, proof of insurance, no prior violations and wasn't the fault of a traffic collision, then officers could release the driver and vehicle, allowing the driver to avoid a costly 30-day impound.


According to the LAPD official blog, Chief of Police Charlie Beck rescinded the order on September 27 after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry Green struck down the law in August. "I am disappointed in this court's decision and believe it inappropriately undermines the Police Department's authority to lawfully direct the conduct of its Officers," Beck stated. The post also points out that Special Order 7 was created with advice from both the City Attorney and the Attorney General of California.


A lawsuit filed by the Los Angeles Police Protective League, a union representing police officers in the city, and Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, argued that Special Order 7 not only placed citizens at risk, but took a certain level of power away from police officers, and violates state law.


Feuer announced that the city will seek a stay of Judge Green's order from the Court of Appeal, allowing LAPD to follow the order for the duration of the appeal process.

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