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Curves Makes Women's Fitness A Top Priority
By Damian Kelly
Sep 1, 2012 - 11:21:36 PM

LOS ANGELES—Regular dieting and exercise are the keys to a healthy and long life. No special diet plans, medication, supplements, or vitamins have been able to replace these two vital activities in order to live healthy.

But achieving these goals can prove to be a challenge. Like men, women have a hard time trying to maintain a consistent routine and following through on their fitness goals.

Curves in Larchmont Village has been open since 2004. Photo courtesy of Facebook
At Curves Larchmont/Hollywood, Juliet Kiperman and her daughter Alyson Sullivan have made it possible for women to achieve their individual goals of getting in shape while making new friends.

Operating since 2004 from a building in Larchmont Village that doesn’t at all resemble a gym, Kiperman and Sullivan have created a place where women from the young age of 12 to the senior age of 92 come in and take part in 30 minute workout exercises that work out every major muscle group through a series of strength training, cardio, and stretching.

Based upon a scientifically proven process developed by company founders Gary and Diane Heavin in 1992, a continuous circuit runs where a client can jump in at anytime to begin their workout. According to Curve’s official site, one 30 minute workout can burn up to 500 calories. 

The circuit begins with the client hopping on a resistance machine and performing an exercise for 30 seconds using two muscles at a time. They then proceed to the recovery board where the client will get a short rest by doing less rigorous exercise such as walking, running, or jogging in place. This allows their heart rate to remain elevated and still burn calories but yet allow their body to recover. Before they get too relaxed, the client is back in action doing another exercise that will work two different muscles than the first exercise she did. Another recovery period occurs and the circuit continues until the client’s comprehensive 30 minute workout is completed. 

By the end of the workout, the wiped out client will have worked out every major muscle group in her body. A five minute stretch takes place shortly after to allow the woman’s heart rate to settle back down to normal. This also allows the woman’s muscles to be stretched out after crunching up during the course of her workout.

A look at the Curves Circuit. Photo courtesy of Facebook.
A visual demo of the continuous circuit can be viewed at

Women feeling daunted by the workout should not fear, according to Kiperman. In an interview with Canyon News, Kiperman said, “As a new person, the first four classes you attend you will receive 1 on 1 training by a circuit coach who will monitor you throughout your workout, you’re never left alone.” 

Those wishing to give Curves a try can do so thanks to a 30 day promotion that will begin Saturday, September 1. In addition to the complimentary 30 minute workouts, the promotion will entitle clients to 1 Free Curves with Zumba Fitness dance class, 1 on 1 coaching and monitoring by certified personal trainers. If they decide to become a member, a 12-month membership costs $44 a month.

Other programs available for members include CurveSmart which is a personal coaching machine that tracks the client’s progress towards their fitness goal.  It also creates a unique workout for each client based upon their personal and fitness data.  CurvesCircuit with Zumba Fitness dance classes are also available to clients with each session lasting 30 minutes.

A brand new program titled CurveComplete begins Saturday, September 1 and will be an online diet program that will allow clients to focus on three components: diet, exercise, and motivation. Their workout program will be built based on their dietary habits and what she likes/dislikes. Kiperman said the program is more individualized, where the client will meet with her coach once a week to track her progress.

A CurvesCircuit with Zumba Fitness class in action. Photo courtesy of Facebook
When asked about the secret to the club’s success, which now has 370 active members, Kiperman said, “It’s a non-intimidating environment that allows women to come to a community oriented place where they can get in shape.”

Kiperman goes on to add that the club, which has an average age of 40, is full of diversity.

“We have pregnant women, every ethnicity and nationality and religious group.  We’re wonderfully diverse, like the United Nations,” Kiperman says with joy.

Weight loss is a challenging prospect but thanks to an intimate and community oriented place, you will receive all the support you need to achieve your goals while making new friends in the process.

More information about Curves Larchmont/Hollywood can be found at www.curveslarchmont.com.  They are located at 527 N. Larchmont Blvd. between Melrose and Beverly Blvds. Their Facebook page can be found at www.facebook.com/157059017678623.

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