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Free Wi-Fi Will Be A Reality
By Chet Kincaid
Aug 14, 2013 - 8:16:32 PM

LOS ANGELES—City council members of the greater Los Angeles area are moving forward with plans that will give residents the luxury of free Wi-Fi throughout the city. On Tuesday, August 13, the issue was discussed at the city council's Innovation, Technology and General Services Committee.


On Tuesday, July 30, Councilman Bob Blumenfield made the motion to urge the city's progress in offering the free service. "The ability to connect wirelessly through mobile devices has become commonplace, and for many, a necessity," stated Bluemenfield.

Beverly Hills Offering Free Wi-Fi


At Tuesday's city council meeting, Blumenfield further put emphasis on the importance of the internet in today's age. "I look at Wi-Fi as infrastructure. I've been a big proponent when it comes to roads, bridges and highways. This is every bit as much as infrastructure as all of those things. It's virtual infrastructure," said Blumenfield.


Councilman Mike Bonin echoed Blumenfield's sentiments in support of free Wi-Fi within the city. "Free Wi-Fi is the cyber version of our sidewalk crisis. It's really sort of heartbreaking for those who live in a 21st century world have to go back in time when they go to City Hall or elsewhere in the city... This is a social justice issue as well," said Mike Bonin.


The immediate goal of the council members is to have a completed report by September. Some of the topics the official report will cover are an inventory of what equipment the city has to complete this pending project, the costs to provide the service and the long term intangible savings the city would benefit from.


Since 2007, there have been a reported 4,031 hotspots within Los Angeles. Eventually the plan is for the city to mimic Riverside, California which offers free Wi-Fi all throughout its city. Choices will be weighed, but a favored choice to help make this project a reality is through more public/private partnerships.

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