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Project Troubled By Earthquake Fault
By Alex Mazariegos
Aug 6, 2013 - 3:05:30 PM

Conceptual rendering of the Millennium Hollywood project.

HOLLYWOOD—Development on the Millennium Hollywood project is currently obstructed as city officials, project developers and state geologists attempt to determine the exact geographical reach of the Hollywood fault.


California's state geologist John Parrish recently called for extensive seismic testing to ascertain whether the nine-mile rupture runs underneath the project site. “There is enough evidence to suggest that the fault is active and capable of producing a devastating earthquake,” said Parrish.


The Hollywood fault is mapped through the neighborhoods of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Differing opinions disagree on the location of the fault. Whereas project developers and city officials believe the fault is either north or south of the project site, Parrish cites the possibility of strands of the fault diverging north of the site as well as underneath. If so, then the project is in direct violation of the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act, which impedes the construction of new buildings within 50 feet of an earthquake fault. The Hollywood fault is currently not listed under the act.


City officials and project developers have agreed to dig on the property to determine if the fault runs through the site. Studies which already underway by the state will now be expedited.


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti weighed in on the project on Friday, August 2, emphasizing the role of seismic scientists in the project's future. Though the mayor has both criticized and supported the project, he deferred to state an opinion on either the debate or the possible location of the Hollywood fault. “There’s faults throughout the city of Los Angeles that are active that have construction. That’s why we have seismic requirements, and why we rely on the government engineers who are experts in this area,” Garcetti said in an interview. “They’re not softies. They’re people who are tasked with protecting lives and property.”


The threat of the Hollywood fault is not the first objection raised against the project. A petition in May sprang up to oppose the new construction. An organization under the moniker "Stop The Millennium Hollywood Project" is seeking to file a legal action against the developer's plans. Citing congested traffic studies, the group opposes the Hollywood additions based on “out of scale” effects that they predict the “over-sized” buildings will have in the immediate area. Meanwhile, the California Department of Transportation has repeatedly protested the project since the beginning of the year; it cites the traffic impact the project will have.


The approximately 1 million square feet project was approved by the City Council 13-0 during late July. However, construction must wait to be permitted by the city Department of Building and Safety. The Millennium Hollywood project consists of two towers, measuring at 39 and 35 stories high, close to the intersection of Hollywood and Vine and besides the iconic Capitol Records Building. Business, residential and commercial units are included in the project.


For more information on the Millennium Hollywood project, those interested may visit http://millenniumhollywood.net/.

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