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Los Angeles Implements Biking Road Diet
By Alice Perez
Sep 13, 2013 - 4:00:11 PM

The city of Los Angles got the green light for a 'road diet.'
LOS ANGELES—The city of Los Angeles got the green light for a much-needed ”˜road diet’ with its "City Wide Bike Plan 5-Year Implementation Plan," after state-wide laws approved the right-of-way for more bike lane projects.


According to state legislation, AB 2245 approves the construction of bike lane projects and those that will redraw traffic lanes, calling it the ”˜road diet’ because it will erase vehicle lanes from roads across the region.


Once the new law takes action, the city’s 5-year plan will review and approve approximately 200 miles of priority bike lanes. The Los Angeles Transportation Department is currently mapping out bike lanes, designated biking zones and fine-tuning the city wide bike plan.


Residents will witness the implementation of a ”˜road diet’ on a half-mile stretch of Virgil Avenue squeezed in between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard that will connect the busy roads of Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard.


Bike enthusiasts advocate for a larger biking network in Los Angeles with speedier bike lanes and road diets, as research shows that bike lanes on roads reduce bicycle related injuries and prevent motor vehicle accidents.


By drawing bike lanes on roads, the middle lane gets erased slowing down traffic and keep drivers more aware of the road. Angelinos are aware of more than 123 miles of implemented bike lanes.

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