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L.A. Has Worst Traffic In The Country
By Nedda Alishahi
Apr 28, 2013 - 8:52:46 PM

Some of the worst highways in the U.S. are in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of i5highway.com
LOS ANGELES—In a recent study, Los Angeles topped the list for the nation’s worst traffic. According to a study done by INRIX, from January to March of this year alone, traffic congestion increased by six percent in the Los Angeles area.

Those who conducted the study are attributing the influx of heavy traffic to the fact that more jobs have become available within the last year and therefore more people are employed and forced to use freeways to commute to and from work. Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons were also found to be the worst time for traffic.


Traffic in Los Angeles was drastically altered last year, researchers having found that in 2012 the average L.A. driver spent 59 hours in traffic. The average drive time for many Los Angeles commuters is estimated to be one hour, one way, with Friday afternoons being the worst day. Out of 162 congested highways in the U.S., 35 of them are located right here in Los Angeles. Some of the worst freeways for traffic congestion are the north and southbound 405 freeways and the southbound 5 freeway.


The second worst city for traffic in the U.S. was Honolulu, Hawaii and the third was San Francisco, California. Researchers don’t predict that traffic congestion will decrease very much in Los Angeles in the years to come as it has only appeared to increase since 2012. Commuters have alternative choices for a shorter drive-time which include carpooling, but since such options are not readily available or possible for many L.A. commuters, drivers can look forward to long drive times and spending more time in traffic.

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