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Mr. Pink Teams Up With Dodgers
By Eric Lemus
Aug 2, 2012 - 10:36:05 AM

DODGER STADIUM—The Los Angeles Dodgers have teamed up with Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink to hit a home run out of the marketing ballpark.


After months of a bitter public divorce that left the team looking for a new owner, Mr. Pink was able strike a deal with the new ownership that would land the fresh new ginseng drink among the billion dollar advertisers in Chavez Ravine.

The fit couldn’t be more seamless. Mr. Pink looks to change the face of the energy drink forum, while the Dodgers have made a fruitful effort to change the face of their ownership.

Mr. Pink, however, goes beyond meshing with the Dodgers; the healthy beverage is exactly what all active Angelenos demand.


Look no further than the façe of each can for Mr. Pink’s health benefits: 1,000mg of ginseng, 100% vitamin B3, 100% vitamin B5, 100% vitamin B6, and 100% vitamin B12. Amazingly, the original variety comes at a cost of only 75 calories per can, while the sugar-free option offers you all those great benefits and zero calories.

Now, Mr. Pink is rolling out the red carpet for a new line that offers “All of the energy, none of the caffeine.”


The three new gilded cans offer the same benefits as the original, the Ultra Gold version going as far as providing 1,600mg of ginseng.

Mr. Pink invited Canyon News out to the ballpark to enjoy a NL West clash along with its new product.


The drink provides a great feeling without being overbearing. It gives you just enough energy without leaving you bouncing off the walls. There isn’t that sugary taste that you are drowned in with other energy drinks. Mr. Pink also goes great as a mixer for your favorite vodka.

We were happy to be in the building with Mr. Pink and the Los Angeles Dodgers as both brands chase success in their respective realms.

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