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Revised Plan For Tablet Rollout
By Alex Nochez
Oct 16, 2013 - 6:51:16 PM

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Superintendent John Deasy revealed his plan to revise a planned rollout of tablets to students for a district board meeting taking place on Tuesday, October 29.
Superintendent John Deasy

A presentation created by LAUSD shows that the rollout was segmented into three phases, the first of which began in August 2013 where 47 campuses, chosen by certain criteria, would be the first to acquire the tablets and the infrastructure to support them.

Phase 2 would send out more tablets between January and July 2014, and Phase 3 would lead to all campuses in the district having the tablets by December 2014.

Superintendent Deasy's plan, covered in a press release on October 15, alters this so that Phase 2 rolls out tablets to 36 campuses by April 2014. Phase 3 has 200 schools receiving tablets in fall 2014, while another 250 schools get theirs in spring 2015. By fall 2015, the remaining schools would have their tablets.

“I am hopeful that this revised plan meets the concerns of board members over how best to provide our students with the technology they need to excel in the classroom and succeed in their careers,” said Deasy in the statement.

This revision comes after the revelation in a previous press statement from the school district that 340 students from three different campuses were able to bypass the mobile device management (MDM) system, thus allowing students to access non-academic material outside of the school.

This in turn led to Superintendent Deasy to declare a moratorium on tablets leaving the campuses until the situation could be resolved.

The $500 million project, created under the Common Core Technology Project (CCTP), aims to provide students with a more comprehensive and technology-driven education experience that falls in line with the Common Core State Standards.

In June, Apple won a $30 million dollar contract to provide the district with the iPads that would be given to these campuses.

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