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State Senate Votes On Plastic Bag Ban
By Kyle Maloney
Jun 4, 2013 - 12:50:42 AM

Senate Bill 405 aims to ban the use of plastic bags in California.
LOS ANGELES—Senate Bill 405, a bill written to ban the use of plastic bags in stores across the state of California, failed to pass with 21 votes on Thursday, May 30.

The Senate Bill required 21 votes in order to pass, and failed by a vote of 18-17 with four abstentions.

Even with its failure to pass, the Senate agreed to reconsider the bill per Alex Padilla’s request. However, no date has been set.

Currently in the state, 72 local governments have a ban on plastic bags, including Malibu, Los Angeles County, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Pasadena and West Hollywood. On May 14, the Culver City City Council unanimously voted to launch a decree which will ban single-use carryout plastic bags and charge retail customers 10 cents for every paper bag.

In support of the Senate’s vote on Thursday, chairman of the American Progressive Bag Alliance Mark Daniels made the following statement: “Today’s vote signals the facts have prevailed in the debate. A ban on 100 percent recyclable plastic bags would hurt the environment and threaten jobs. The American Progressive Bag Alliance works hard to protect American jobs in the plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry—including 2,000 in California—and our organization has repeatedly called for an honest debate on this issue.

We thank the members of the California Senate who rejected this misguided policy prescription based on unfounded stats, junk science and myths, and we hope lawmakers will continue to make responsible decisions on behalf of California’s environment and economy.”

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