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Teacher's Aide Allegedly Molested Student
By Katherine Noland
Nov 29, 2012 - 3:12:39 PM

LOS ANGELES—An LAUSD teacher’s aide may have sexually assaulted a young boy due to recent claims, and on Wednesday the mother has asked witnesses to come forward.

Telfair Elementary School
In October, after hearing her son talking in his sleep, the mother of the student at Glen Feliz Boulevard Elementary School listened as he repeatedly asked not to be hurt anymore. The morning after, she confronted her son of the episode from the night before and he opened up about being raped in a school bathroom by the school’s teacher aide. The man accused has been spotted waiting near the school that the boy attends.

According to the family’s attorney Michael Carrillo, the abuse has been going on for two years. The boy had confided in a teacher at the school in 2008 that the LAPD investigated, however, no arrests were made and the mother says she was never notified. The school sent out a newsletter Wednesday informing parents and guardians of the investigation, and that the accused offender has been removed from the school pending the results of the investigation.

The LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) has a notorious record for misconduct on behalf of its employees with a history of this behavior with former teachers. In February, two teachers at the same school were charged for sexual assault. Mark Berndt, a former teacher at Miramonte Elementary School on 1400 East 68th Street in 2008 allegedly took photos of students whom he blind-folded and fed semen to, along with other disturbing things. It was later revealed that two 7-year-old students at the same school came forward about teacher Martin Spring fondling them. This fall, there was another molesting accusation at Telfair Elementary School at 10971 Felvair Avenue in Los Angeles.

The school has issued a zero tolerance policy, punishing nearly 300 students by re-assigning them to administrative and office duties until these investigations cease. Many LAUSD teachers have claimed this is a witch-hunt and a waste of the school’s money, as costs rise to almost $1 million dollars for substitutes in addition to teachers’ salaries still being paid.

LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy counteracts this argument by pointing out the necessary action that needs to be taken to ensure safety for students despite costs for the taxpayers.

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