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Los Angeles River Open For Recreation
By Camille Sarabia
Jun 13, 2013 - 12:45:01 AM

LOS ANGELES—From now until September 2, the Los Angeles River will be open for summer recreation including kayaking and fishing through the 2.5-mile long river.  Since the river’s opening in 1930, this is the first time that the river will be open to public.


The Los Angeles River stands as a sort of iconic representation of Los Angeles as it is the body of water underneath the bridges or seen while a person is stuck in traffic or taking the green line.  Floods have prompted the restricted access to the river’s usage, but this summer rules have been lifted.  The city of Los Angeles has allowed a pilot program from Memorial Day to Labor Day through which people can kayak in the designated regions. 

Los Angeles River


The designated area is from Fletcher Avenue to Confluence Park, right to where the 110 and 5 freeways meet.  This period of time is thought to bring the least amount of rainfall where otherwise the river would be unsafe.  In this area, a kayak or canoe is allowed without a permit or without any cost. 


The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) are responsible for preparting the river for public and recreational usage.  They have surveyed the water and have found that the river does have some rapids, but generally ranges from a level one and level two in difficulty.  


The LA Expedition company has been working since the summer of 2008 to which their goal “creating guided, safe, recreational-educational canoe and kayak excursions down the more pleasant, soft-bottomed stretches of the LA River,” says L.A. River Expeditions, comes into place.  They started in 2008, but didn’t start activating their goals until the summer of 2011, which formed the Paddle, the L.A. River pilot program.  


It is due to the efforts of LA Expedition and the 2010 Environmental Protection Agency’s decision that the Los Angeles River is now deemed to be suitable and safe for recreational kayaking, boating and fishing.

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