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The NHL Lockout Of 2012
By Cassie Day
Sep 17, 2012 - 11:16:59 AM

LOS ANGELES—The NHL’s lockout began on Sunday, September 16. However, nothing has been done to recover the hockey season that should have already begun. No face-to-face negotiations have been made or scheduled on either side of the labor unrest.

The main issue in this lockout between owners and the union is money. Owners would like to decrease the amount of revenue given to players, while the union wants players' salaries to be at $1.8 billion. The league desires a new CBA for players and all thirty NHL teams.  

This is the fourth lockout since 1992, and many NHL players are beginning to look elsewhere to get on the ice. Players aged 25 and under may have to play in the AHL minor league, while others search Europe and Russia for spots. In the 2004/2005 lockout, half of the league skated in Europe

Some NHL players are already speaking with Russia’s KHL, which has declared that each of its 26 teams can only sign-on three NHL lockout players. NHL players will not be paid as much as they could, either.  

With no negotiations occurring, players and fans worry about the possible cancellation of training camps and preseason games. The entire season that is supposed to start October 11 might be cancelled.  

Of course, it is the fans who pay the greatest price now that they have to search elsewhere for a means of hockey entertainment.

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