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Tour Bus Exemption Amended
By Alex Nochez
Oct 21, 2013 - 9:29:42 PM

LOS ANGELES — The tour bus ordinance that went into effect on Sunday, October 20, removes the ability of sight-seeing tour buses to sell tickets to pedestrians on sidewalks.
Tour bus on Hollywood Boulevard


Ordinance No. 182708 amends Section 42.00, Subsection C of the Los Angeles Municipal Code that used to exempt sight-seeing tour operators from a restriction that prevented the selling of goods and services, like tour bus tickets, along sidewalks, so long as those tour operators had the proper permits from the California Public Utilities Commission. These tours will have to sell their tickets from private property.


The ordinance is part of an effort to de-clutter streets like Hollywood Boulevard from an increasing amount of competitive tour bus operators.


“The situation has created a circus-like atmosphere that leaves a bad impression on Hollywood visitors and has inhibited economic growth for businesses that play by the rules,” said Councilman Mitch O'Farrell in a statement on his website. “We want to create a positive and friendly environment for visitors and pedestrians," he added.


The ordinance was first introduced in July, and it was then passed by the Los Angeles City Council on September 4 and approved by newly elected Los Angeles Mayor Mayor Eric Garcetti on September 9.

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