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Actor Kills Landlady And Falls To His Death
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Sep 28, 2012 - 10:58:17 AM

LOS FELIZ—"Sons of Anarchy" actor Johnny Lewis was found dead in his driveway after police claim he killed his landlady and dismembered her cat on Wednesday, September 26.
Johnny Lewis' mughsot

Lewis, 28, is suspected to have beaten 81-year-old Catherine Davis. He then fell to his death off a Lowry Avenue home in Los Feliz.

Police arrived at the scene after receiving several 911 calls from neighbors who stated they could hear a woman screaming.

The autopsy conducted on Thursday, September 27, declared Davis died of "blunt head trauma and strangulation." Police described the crime scene as "gruesome."

It is reported that Lewis ran outside after killing the landlady and proceeded to fight with a neighbor and his handyman with a two-by-four and a paint roller. He then ran back into the three-story home and either jumped or fell from the roof or balcony.

It is suspected that drugs may have been involved. However, there has not been any evidence to confirm this theory. Authorities are waiting for toxicology results in order to know if Lewis had taken any mind-altering substances, however, this may take a few weeks.

The actor was renting a room from Davis that she advertised as a villa for actors and writers. It was not the first time that Lewis had rented a room with Davis, having done so before he went to jail.

Lewis has had many run-ins with the law. He was arrested three times in 2012 alone. On January 3, Lewis was arrested for breaking into a Los Angeles home and beating two men with an empty Perrier bottle. He reportedly once lived at the home.

A month later, Lewis was taken into custody for assault and again a few days later for trying to break into a woman's home in Santa Monica. A judge ordered Lewis partake in a 30-day drug and mental-health treatment program. However, he continued to break the law, and in August he was jailed again for unclear circumstances. He was released on Friday, September 21, which was merely five days before his death.

His probation officers had reported that Lewis' behavior was getting out of control while he continued to land movie roles. "There are significant issues which should be addressed," a probation report read. "Obviously, defendant's behavior is out of control and needs counseling afforded by a professional."

Undisclosed sources have indicated that the actor was mentally healthy until he began to use an unknown drug earlier this year, causing a psychotic break that he never fully recovered from. Officials have stated that the murder of the landlady may have been a result of Lewis not taking the prescribed medication that stabilized his condition.

Lewis played Kip "Half-Sack" Epps on the FOX show "Sons of Anarchy" for the first two seasons until his character was killed off. He also appeared on shows such as "The OC," "Criminal Minds," "Bones" and "CSI." Lewis briefly dated pop star, Katy Perry, in 2006.

“I wish I could say that I was shocked by the events last night, but I was not," tweeted Kurt Sutter, creator of "Sons of Anarchy." "I am deeply sorry that an innocent life had to be thrown into his destructive path.”

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