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Co-Op 28 Newly-Expanded Vintage Store
By Alice Perez
Aug 22, 2013 - 8:15:17 PM

LOS FELIZ—The newly-remodeled Co-Op 28, the place for all-things vintage and handmade, is introducing a collaboration with Mat Herman’s Apt 2B, bringing a new retro-inspired home and décor line to one of Los Angeles' hippest neighborhoods.


Canyon News spoke with Co-Op 28 employee Danie Marie about this hub for creative talents and the Los Feliz neighborhood. “The most striking thing that Co-Op 28 has to offer is its selection of handmade and vintage items. Many of the items are designed by local artists in Los Angeles.  In addition, you will find many unique pieces from around the world. At Co-Op 28 we value the quality and integrity behind each product that enters the store and we also value the quality of each customers experience,” said Marie.


The “Mind the Gap” wall painting reminds visitors to watch their step as they enter into the newly-expanded 1,500-square-foot store. A red neon sign, “The Foxhole,” electrifies the jam-packed room of eye-catching vintage collectibles from all eras such as old ad posters, rusted trophies, typewriters, canisters, and porcelain dolls. Retro-inspired couches, chairs, coffee tables, and dining sets appearing straight-out of the "Mad Men" set.


“Los Feliz is a wonderful, old neighborhood and great residential community to live and work in. It’s historically been home to many stars, musicians and Hollywood elite.  Los Feliz is also filled with coffee shops, theaters and many great finds that are all walking distance. Co-op 28 caters to the many interests and tastes of the local residents and those who may be traveling from afar. At Co-op 28 you can walk in and find the perfect piece that expresses who you are. This shop really connects with a community who knows what it is that they are looking for,” said Marie.


Block after block of old Hollywood buildings have been transformed into a mixture of hip restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and furniture stores. Los Feliz has over 100 shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and more. Co-Op 28 is located at 1728 N. Vermont Ave.

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