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Griffith Park: It”™s Really Wild Lecture
By Alice Perez
Jul 10, 2013 - 8:14:53 AM

Learn about the diverse wildlife that call Griffith Park home.
LOS FELIZ—On Thursday, July 18 at 6:45 p.m., the Los Feliz Branch Library will be presenting a free lecture called " Griffith Park: It’s Really Wild" presented by Friends of Griffith Park, teaching the public on the amazing wildlife that reside within the park. When we think of the mountain range we think of lions, tigers, and bears.

A panel discussion lectured by two professionals in the field: Dan Cooper, a Harvard-trained biologist, scientist and director of the Griffith Park Natural History Survey, and Miguel Ordeñana, Wildlife Biologist, and Lead Gallery Interpreter of the Natural History Museum of the County of Los Angeles. They will discuss the amazing animal kingdom of Griffith Park and how the animals survive in the wild in the wake of urban development and loss of their lands.

Griffith Park is a hot destination for bird watchers, horseback riders, and animal lovers of all sorts to witness the many wildlife animals that call Griffith Park home.

Attend the illustrated discussion to learn more about the ecology of your neighborhoods and have answers to your questions about how you can help protect the wildlife here in Los Angeles. Register at lfeliz@lapl.organd receive more information about upcoming lectures and events.

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