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LA Aqueduct Centennial Garden
By Alice Perez
Aug 19, 2013 - 10:00:01 PM

LOS FELIZ—The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is celebrating the Los Angeles Aqueduct Centennial by honoring forerunner in engineering and aqueduct design, William Mulholland by presenting an Aqueduct Centennial Garden on October 2013.


The Los Angeles Aqueduct will mark its hundredth anniversary on November 5, honoring the man behind the modernization of Los Angeles as a metropolitan city. A 233-mile Los Angeles Aqueduct moved water from Owens Valley to the San Fernando Valley.


On the corner of Los Feliz Boulevard and Riverside Drive sits well-known Los Angeles landmark “The Mulholland Memorial Fountain,” welcoming Angelinos as a gateway into Los Angeles. As part of the centennial, the newly-renovated Mulholland Memorial Fountain, a beautification project, will bring together the past and present with a 10-foot diameter riveted steel section on an original piece of the Aqueduct pipe standing as a monument.


A futuristic approach to Mulholland Memorial Park will be encircled with an array of California native plants, bushes, and trees; decomposed granite will serve as walkways for Angelinos to take a stroll and take breaks with the placement of benches to sit on. Continuing with Mulholland tradition, the LADWP will construct drip irrigation with automatic controllers to water the garden space. The Mulholland Memorial Fountain will be open to the public during renovations.

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