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Rain May Stay Away For Zoo's Turkey Day
By Daniel Antolin
Nov 22, 2011 - 6:13:44 AM

Sumatran tiger encounters snowman. Photo courtesy of L.A. Zoo.
LOS FELIZThe Los Angeles Zoo announced that it will be open on Thanksgiving Day and the subsequent holiday weekend for families who may want to walk off those extra Turkey-induced calories and resulting tryptophan drowsiness by visiting African lions, Sumatran tigers and American black bears, as they spend the day with their own kin.

On the L.A. Zoo's Facebook page, where the announcement was made that people will be allowed to visit the animals for Turkey Day, concerns expressed by followers that it might rain during the holiday and on the weekend may be for not. Weather.com indicates that the strongest chance of rain falling anytime within the Thanksgiving week in the 90027 area is on the holiday itself. But the chance of rain falling is 10 percent.

These concerns were based on the rain that fell on November 20 when the L.A. Zoo habitats of the Sumatran tigers, American black bears, snow leopards, Sichuan takins, among other animals, were covered with snow courtesy of the Vernon, Calif.-based Union Ice Company.

An L.A. Zoo spokesperson told Canyon News that plenty of people came in on November 19, but that the rain put a damper on attendance the following day. Though the zoo also had Snow Days earlier in the year, future renditions have yet to be determined beyond the beginning on 2012.

During the most recent Snow Days, one Sumatran tiger got up close and friendly with a snowman with celery sticks for hands and cucumbers for eyes, while an American black bear munched on some snowy Mulberry leaves. And the Snow Princess shared with parents and their kids a story about her animal friends, who were fed icy treats. She also posed with them for photos.

Ice Princess poses with fan. Photo courtesy of L.A. Zoo.

"Besides the rain, it was great to see so many of the animals out and about. My kids loved it! Especially seeing the snow leopards!" Vanessa Hovestreydt said on the L.A. Zoo's Facebook page. Susan Jones posted, "We were there ... fun seeing the animals in the snow and seeing them enjoy their icy treats, especially the elephants."

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