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The Jonas Brothers Are Planning A Reunion
By Tommy Pham
Sep 25, 2012 - 3:19:29 PM

LOS FELIZ—The Jonas Brothers, consisting of band members Nick, Kevin, and Joe, were spotted eating lunch at Alcove Café and Bakery in Los Feliz on September 20.

After months of hinting that they were going to reunite, a video of them appearing at their home studio with the hashtag “#JonasBrother2012”, fan were left wondering when this will actually happen. At last, on August 25, tickets
were released for the now sold out show. The one-night-only event will take place at the Radio City Music Hall on October 11.

This was a surprise for some fans. A reunion was unforeseen due to the different projects that the brothers have engaged in during their solo careers. Since the band's last performance together, Joe Jonas is now a judge and a mentor on the show “The Next.” Kevin Jonas is starring in his own reality TV show on the E! Network called “Married To Jonas." Nick Jonas has started his solo career with his band Nick Jonas and the Administration, and has recently nabbed the coveted number 10 spot on “Billboard’s 21 Under 21.” Fans of the band are no doubt happy to see them together again after a long hiatus from the music scene.

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