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Safer Biking On Pacific Coast Highway
By Nashfa Hawwa
Sep 25, 2013 - 2:57:55 AM

Pacific Coast Highway
MALIBU—On Monday, September 23, Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law that would make the Pacific Coast Highway a safer place for bikers. According to the new law, AB1371, or the Three Feet Safety Act, drivers have to give a minimum of three feet when passing bicycles on the highway.


The bill will not go into effect until September 2014. There are various fines set for drivers who do not obey the three feet rule. A distance of less than three feet will result in a $35 fine and if an accident happens as a consequence of this action (of passing less than three feet), the driver will be charged a higher amount of $220.


If drivers cannot give a cyclist three feet of clearance, they must “slow to a speed that is reasonable and prudent,” according to the law. The driver should only pass if it will not endanger the cyclist.


The Pacific Coast Highway has been noted as one of the most accident prone highways of the United States. This new bill by Governor Brown reveals a long-time dedication of city officials and government authorities, as well as residents, to push for a safer highway for both drivers and bikers.

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