Malibu News
Council Votes Against Rodenticides
By Nedda Alishahi
Jul 9, 2013 - 7:54:15 PM

MALIBU—On Monday, July 8, the Malibu City Council voted to oppose the sale or use of anticoagulant rodenticides, which are harmful to wildlife.


The anticoagulant rodenticides or rat poison has been proven to be dangerous to wildlife, as it sends poisons into the atmosphere and can harm both animals and plants in the surrounding area. The vote indicates the City Council taking a stand against the secondary poisoning of Malibu’s wildlife.

Rodenticides are harmful to surrounding wildlife: Photo courtesy of California Wildlife Center


The Malibu Agricultural Society has been trying to get businesses to halt the sale of rodenticides for the past year and had already succeeded in some stores before the vote. Some stores that have already pulled rat poison from the shelves, including Ralph’s, CVS, and Malibu Ranch Market.


The organization now has the support of the Malibu City Council, as the vote to stop the sale, purchase, and use of rodenticides was unanimous.


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