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Resident's Daughter Safe After Boston Bombing
By Kyle Maloney
Apr 16, 2013 - 2:12:15 PM

MALIBU—In the aftermath of the Boston marathon explosions on Monday, April 15, the daughter of Ralph Mechur, a Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School Board member, had a friend text her father and inform him that she is safe.

Boston marathon explosion. Photo courtesy Facebook.
Jayme Mechur, 31, was still a ways from the end of the race when the two blasts went off right near the finish line. The explosions killed three people and left more than 170 injured.

Ralph Mechur lives and works in Santa Monica and apparently had only just learned of the explosions when his daughter’s friend texted him.

According to the Boston Marathon entry list, a total of 21 Santa Monica residents and three Malibu residents were registered to run the marathon on Monday.

People trying to get in touch with family and friends in Boston can use the Red Cross’s Safe and Well website. Those that were near the site of the explosions can register themselves as “safe and well” on the site.

Mechur said that he is sad about the incident that occurred yesterday in Boston, but he is happy that his daughter is safe.

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