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Fatal Ferrari Crash Driver Had Two DUIs
By Brianna Sacks
Sep 23, 2011 - 9:08:08 PM

PACIFIC PALISADES—A fatal Ferrari crash closed Pacific Coast Highway completely on September 18, ejecting both passengers 30 feet down a cliff. Vladimir Skortsov, 24, of Upland, was driving with passenger Basil Max Price III, 23, in the early hours of the morning down PCH before losing control around a curve and crashing into a power pole.

Half of Ferrari. Photo courtesy of the LAPD.

Skortsov was allegedly driving 90-100 miles per hour at the time of the crash. The speed limit on PCH is 45 miles per hour. Skortsov veered off the road and crashed into the pole near Gladstone’s Malibu at 1:27 a.m.

The Ferrari hit the power pole on its way over the cliff. The impact split the car in half, "with the two pieces  flying 30 feet down a cliff and onto the beach, landing about 60 feet apart" near the 17300 block of PCH, confirmed LAPD officer Heredia.

Price was ejected out of the car and landed on the beach. Paramedics declared him dead on the scene. Skortsov was also ejected from the vehicle, and was then flown to UCLA Medical Center in critical condition.

Recently released records show that Skortsov has twice been convicted of driving under the influence. He was first convicted in 2007 before he turned 21. His second occurred was in 2009. He was cited in January for driving under the influence, and most recently cited in July for driving with a suspended license. .

Heredia stated that LAPD is still uncertain to whether alcohol was involved and are investigating. 

KTLA reported that Price’s mother said the boys did not have permission to be in the Ferrari and had apparently taken the car out for a joyride. The car was not registered to Skortsov, and investigators are working to deduce how he came in possession of the vehicle.

Skortsov is still hospitalized with severe injuries, but is now in stable condition. The Price family is shocked and devastated by their son’s death. Price’s father, Max Price II, said in a statement to CBS,“ I hope he lives [Skortsov]—to pay the consequences for what he did to my son.”

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