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John Clark Gable Suspected Of DUI
By Kyle Maloney
Apr 3, 2013 - 7:07:36 PM

MALIBU—The son of renowned actor Clark Gable was arrested Tuesday, April 2, after a string of collisions along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. According to reports, John Clark Gable, 52, reportedly rear-ended a vehicle near the Malibu Pier around 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.
John Clark Gable.

The motorist of the struck vehicle followed Gable, who was driving a white Ford Raptor pickup, and called 911 to report the crash. Officials said Gable proceeded to crash into six cars parked near Las Flores Canyon Road, consequently pushing one of the parked vehicles into the garage of a home.

Investigators said it caused moderate to major damage to the structure, though there were no reported injuries.
One eastbound lane on PCH was shut down due to clean-up and investigation of the crashes. This resulted in a traffic back-up to the Malibu Pier.

Following the incident, Gable was taken to the hospital for a blood test when police suspected him of driving under the influence. He was then sent to the Malibu-Lost Hills Station for the suspected DUI along with hit and run.

In October 2012, Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station made public a new DUI mobile enforcement unit that is equipped to assist with screening, sobriety tests, and with collecting and retaining evidence of investigations.

The results of Gable’s blood test have not been released, and according to the sheriff’s department, Gable posted $15,000 bail and left the station late Tuesday night.

After the incident, Gable stated he was not drinking, but admits to going unconscious at the wheel. He claims he has a history of brain aneurysms, one back in 2006 and another in 2009, and will see a doctor regarding his head as soon as possible.


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