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L.A. Winds Uproot Trees, Cause Power Outages
By Amy Oppenheim
May 5, 2011 - 3:18:39 PM

MALIBU/LOS ANGELES—Strong winds on April 30 caused minor damage in the canyons and hills of Los Angeles, uprooting trees and leaving some areas with no power.


Photo by Jocelyn Holt
Trees were uprooted and branches were torn from tree trunks in North Hills and Canoga Park Saturday afternoon, and a fire that started as a result of the strong winds burned several palm trees in Tarzana.


In Malibu, Acton and Palmdale, small grass fires blazed and required the assistance of firefighters, but no internal damage was reported.


About 3,600 Los Angeles homes and 800 Encino customers served by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power were without power by Saturday evening, and electrical crews worked to fix cable lines that had been knocked down. The power lines were down because they had been hit by tree branches and debris from the wind.


Riverside, San Bernadino, Redlands and Fontana were the hardest hit by the effects of the gusty wind.


Throughout the day, about 31,900 customers, including some in Santa Barbara and Tulare, experienced at least one interruption in their power. Many of the outages lasted about one or two minutes while electrical switching equipment was automatically shut down before being turned back on.


As weather forecasters predicted, there was more wind last Saturday night and Sunday, hitting areas such as Orange, San Diego and Riverside counties. Forecasters also warned that these 45-mile-per-hour winds would make driving, especially with large trucks and vans, extremely difficult.


Along with the predicted continuation of these high-speed winds, meteorologists have also said that high temperatures will accompany this wind and bring a heat wave to Los Angeles.

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