Malibu News
Latest: Power Still Out For Thousands
By Charlie Golestani
Jul 24, 2012 - 4:47:48 PM

MALIBUPower was lost to approximately 3,000 customers Tuesday, July 24 after a a vehicle collided with a power pole that morning.

Edison power estimates 3,151 of its customers were impacted when a vehicle reportedly struck the post, downing it and the cables, at around 11:57 a.m., according to California Highway Patrol. The crash also caused a small brush fire in the area off of Latigo Canyon Road and Ocean View Drive where the incident occurred.

Southern California Edison had been partially successful in either restoring power to some or lowering affected estimates to 2238 a little after 4:30, when the power company estimated to have resolved the issue...

Edison reminds that prior to the power being returned it’s a good idea to unplug electronics such as computers and televisions to avoid surges. Should the outages unexpectedly continue into the evening, leave only one light in the on position as indication that the power has returned.

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