Malibu News
Malibu Lagoon Restoration Completed
By Jorge Ibarra
Mar 26, 2014 - 11:46:30 AM

Lagoon before restoration.
MALIBU—It has been decided that the Malibu Lagoon will face restoration to not only remove the bridges affecting circulation, but as well to plant vegetation, provide new habitats for wildlife and to beautify the lagoon.


The Malibu scientists and land managers defended claims from the public by indicating that the lagoon restoration needed to happen to restore natural flows in the water to make it clearer, in order to get rid of the black water the lagoon had before.


Senior Manager of the restoration Mark Abramson, hopes the residents of Malibu will understand how beneficial the restoration of the lagoon will be. Abramson along with scientists believe in five years marine life and plantation will grow to make the lagoon thrive.

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