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Malibu Residents Against Tiger Proposal
By Alex Mazariegos
Aug 20, 2013 - 3:18:24 PM

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MALIBU—A proposal to maintain five white Siberian tigers on a residential property for filming purposes has drawn much opposition from neighbors, who fear having close proximity to the wild animals.


A few Malibu residents have donned the moniker “No Tigers in Malibu,” and the group has now created an online petition on entitled “Homeowners and residents: Oppose Tigers in Residential Neighborhoods.” The petition has thus far acquired 289 supporters, and an additional 211 are needed to reach the assigned goal as of Tuesday, August 20.


“Wild tigers are a threat to our safety and serenity,” the petition states. “Captive tigers often escape during transport, cleaning or feeding, or during natural disasters. When they do escape, tigers follow their natural instincts, maiming and killing.”


The property listed under proposal PL13-0011 is located at 11077 Pacific View Road and as part of the project, an 8-foot high, 2,338-foot-long fence would form the perimeter of a 7.16-acre area, according to county documents. The home, garage and barn are planned to be placed within the perimeter.


The captive animals would be cared for by the property owners and their immediate family. No employees are scheduled for the project, and no public members would be allowed near the animals. The proposal was submitted by Irena Hauser.


On the documents, the Ventura County Planning Division states that the proposed project will not have a significant effect on the environment, but “No Tigers in Malibu” continues to differ. The group has posted numerous links reporting on the assumed dangers of tigers in captivity on their Facebook and petition page, and their actions against the proposal has culminated into a protest on August 20 near the Planning Division site.


The proposal has been up for public review since July 26, ending on August 26. The public is encouraged to submit written comments to Jay Dobrowalski, the case planner, no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 26 to the County of Ventura, RMA, Planning Division, 800 South Victoria Avenue in Ventura. The case planner may also be reached at

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